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5.5 Mistakes Not To Make With Your 401(k) Plan


5.5 401k Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

For most people, their 401k plan will represent their second largest asset after their home, and most certainly their largest retirement savings tool.   Unfortunately, those very same people will likely spend more time planning their vacations or researching their next vehicle purchase than they will planning for their retirement and managing their investments.

Here are 5.5 Mistakes People Will Make With Their 401k Plans and How You Can Avoid Them.

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ETF Investing: Not Every Idea Deserves A Name

WealthyIQ - AbundanceOver the last 10 years we have been fortunate to have an abundance of great investable ideas.   We have seen many new low and reasonably priced mutual funds, but the majority of the growth has come from exchange traded funds.

While at launch there were only a few etf sponsors, over the last few years the landscape has changed dramatically to one which is diversely filled with sponsors from various corners of
the investment world including mutual fund sponsors such as Janus Funds and Fidelity.  

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Pre-Paid Gift Cards in Your Wallet?

Travel Credit Cards

You have seen them any time you walk into a pharmacy or a grocery store. They hang there on the shelves in a variety of designs and denominations.  You may have wondered, who buys them and why? 

Even though originally prepaid debit cards and gift cards were created for the underbanked communities there are now many reasons for anyone to consider using them. Here are 3.5 reasons why these cards deserve a place in your wallet.

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3 Ways to Accelerate Your Wealth

Grow Through DefenseDid you know that most investors will spend more time digging out of a hole after a market sell off than they will making new highs?

I was recently asked by the media for some suggestions as to how investors can accelerate and grow their wealth.  Perhaps the best answer particularly for Millenials, GenX and those closer to retirement is to not lose money in the first place!  All you need to do is look at the chart below.

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Tesla: A Good Product Does Not Make The Investment Great

Tesla Model 3 PictureHow do you determine between someone who is a typical retail investor versus an enthusiastic amateur or a professional?  Just look at the underlying reasons for buying their investments.

Teaching someone to become a good investor is as large a task as training them to become a great sales professional.  There are thousands, if not millions of books written about each subject and every day there are more things to learn.  Most of all, it is not a crystal clear subject with definitive right or wrongs such as perhaps what you would find with accounting or in medicine.   Investing, like sales, is filled with numerous opinions and strategies that seem sound, however it would be tough to prove whether they definitively work or not.

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